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Connect for Microsoft Outlook

Date: 03/08/2017

Just over a year ago, we launched Clearbit Connect for Gmail, a free email extension that gives you all the power of Clearbit data, right in your inbox. It was something of an experiment for us, but the response has been hugely encouraging and over 180,000 people have used

Risk API: detect bad actors & prevent spam signups

Date: 20/07/2017

Our new free Risk API allows you to accurately detect fake website signups, block fraudulent accounts, and help prevent chargebacks.

How Appcues Personalized their Sales Outreach with Product Triggers

Date: 22/06/2017

DigitalOcean improved enterprise conversion rates by 30% by combining firmograpic data with product usage data,

How to Measure your Account Based Marketing Reach

Date: 20/06/2017

A guest post by Joel Burke, Partner and Analytics Lead @ Outshine At Outshine, we help B2B companies build and optimize their marketing automation, advertising , and analytics stack. Increasingly, this has involved optimizing the acquisition and conversion funnel around a defined set of target accounts – Account Based Marketing (ABM). One of

SIC codes, NAICS codes, and Fiscal Year End

Date: 06/06/2017

Supporting the 4-digit SIC and 6-digit NAICS industry codes, Clearbit also covers fiscal year end across all public and venture funded companies.

Clearbit Reports

Date: 25/05/2017

Announcing batch reports - upload your customer list and see a free data breakdown of company size, location, role and seniority.

How to Avoid Ruining Your Domain Sender Score

Date: 25/04/2017

$1 invested in email returns an average of $38 in revenue! A low domain sender score can ruin your email reputation and make your email marketing and sales efforts go to waste.

Avoid Tedious Signup Forms With Auth0 and Clearbit

Date: 25/04/2017

Integrating Auth0 and Clearbit can make the signup process as smooth as possible. In this article, we will see how to combine these amazing solutions to automate signup forms.

Introducing Reveal for Dynamic Web Personalization

Date: 06/04/2017

Go from an anonymous IP address to a full company profile with Clearbit Reveal. Use your new data in Optimizely, Google Optimize, and Get Smart Content

How to Increase Your Conversion Rate by Identifying Anonymous Web Traffic

Date: 16/03/2017

For the most part, you only understand who your customers & prospects are after they self-identify. You might have some information from lead generation content, but most of the visitors on your site are just traffic. B2B companies invest millions in demand gen and then instantly lose visibility into how

Simple Lead Scoring and Qualification in Salesforce

Date: 10/03/2017

Salesforce is an ideal place to do lead qualification and scoring. Building a lead scoring process in Salesforce offers many benifits

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